About us

How We Began

SIDESTILT is made up of husband and wife team, Bryan Storkel & Amy Bandlien who live in Burbank, CA. For several years we talked about starting our own company to put all of our film projects under one umbrella, but it kept getting put off for one simple reason --- we could not agree on a name. Finally, SIDESTILT was chosen in 2014. It is a Norwegian word that means juxtaposed, and we have always loved the concept of two seemingly unrelated topics (or scenes, or characters, or shots) being juxtaposed together to make one very compelling story. Thus, a company was born. 

Current Projects

This is an exciting year!

We have several projects in development, from feature documentaries to TV series' to narrative adaptations.  Plus we plan to be attending several film festivals this year, so hopefully we will see you around!

The Future

We love documentary films and we plan to make many more. But we also plan to explore the world of narrative features in the near future.  And we will continue to make films and tell stories which challenge our thinking, inspire change, and entertain audiences.