About us

The Sidestilt Team

SIDESTILT is made up of husband and wife team, Bryan Storkel & Amy Bandlien Storkel who live in Burbank, CA. We both wear many hats in this business and we both got our start as editors and then moved into the roles of producing and directing. Over the past couple years we have worked on several films that involve collaborating and partnering with many other talented filmmakers and film companies. This has allowed us to broaden our horizons and work on a variety of projects simultaneously.

Our Name

SIDESTILT is a Norwegian word that means juxtaposed, and we have always loved the concept of two seemingly unrelated topics (or scenes, or characters, or shots) being juxtaposed together and used to tell a very compelling story. Story is king in our book.

The Future

We love documentary films and we plan to make many more. But we also plan to explore the world of narrative features in the near future.  And we will continue to make films and tell stories which challenge our thinking, inspire change, and entertain audiences.